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Eucalyptus Knoll


122 Unit Condo Development - Mill Valley, CA

Balcony Guardrails, Deck Coating System, Entry Decks/Stairs

Located in a bucolic setting with waterfront views overlooking Shelter Bay in Mill Valley, California, Eucalyptus Knoll is a condominium subdivision that was built over several phases starting in 1986. It has 122 units distributed over 22 buildings. All structures are wood framed construction, fabricated using 1980’s techniques, materials, and designs.

  • History: Decades of deferred and/or questionable maintenance, wind and weather exposure, and excessive debris from trees had left the property with significant dryrot, unsafe privacy balconies and entry decks, rotten siding, and roof failures.
  • Project / Repairs: Consult with Association Board on safety and liability issues; assess condition and oversee destructive testing and deck red-tag process; manage bid process and vendor selection; oversee rebuild/replacement of rotten, non-code compliant guardrails, defective siding/trim, and deck maintenance coatings.
  • ​Value: $866K.
  • SAVINGS: Reduced Liability & Peace of Mind