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Emergency Management And Life Safety

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Emergency triage

Engage specialized services vendors, such as fire and flood

Assist stakeholders throughout the loss and its mitigation

Produce building emergency action plans

Identify building fire safety components

In the world of construction and property management, unforeseen emergencies can pose significant risks to projects, stakeholders, and investments.

Our specialized Emergency Management And Life Safety team is poised to not only react swiftly but to ensure that safety is maintained and normalcy restored as rapidly as possible. We combine experience, expertise, and commitment to guarantee your peace of mind in tumultuous times.

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Emergency Management

Emergency Triage

When disaster strikes, immediate and informed action is crucial. Our trained experts swiftly assess the situation, prioritize actions, and initiate appropriate responses, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety.

Engaging Specialized Services

Whether it’s fire, flood, or any other calamity, we have a robust network of specialized service vendors at our disposal. Their timely involvement ensures that the situation is controlled and mitigated expertly.

Stakeholder Assistance

We understand the anxieties and concerns that come with emergencies. Our team remains steadfastly by the side of all stakeholders – Boards, Owners, Tenants, and Management – providing continuous updates, support, and guidance throughout the crisis.

From Emergency to Reconstruction

Our commitment doesn’t end with managing the emergency. We shepherd the project from the immediate response phase right through to complete the reconstruction of the affected areas, ensuring every aspect returns to its optimal state.

Financial Tracking for Recovery

Emergencies often come with financial implications. We meticulously track all project finances, making it seamless for clients to submit claims to insurance providers, ensuring that Owners can receive reimbursement for the costs accrued.

Life Safety

Building Emergency Action Plans

Preparedness is half the battle won. We meticulously produce building emergency action plans tailored to the unique requirements of each property. These comprehensive plans act as a beacon, guiding occupants and stakeholders during emergencies, as well as are a requirement for most, if not all, cities throughout the Bay Area.

Fire/Life Safety Building Requirements

The Reliant Team is able to assist our Clients to ensure their properties are in compliance with fire/life safety code, this includes managing/conducting the mandatory 5-year sprinkler testing, annual fire drills, annual training of fire/life safety staff, low-frequency sounder upgrades, etc.

Why Entrust Us With Emergency Management And Life Safety?

In times of calm and crisis, the Reliant Team stands ready to serve. We are certified in life safety management and can ensure your building/your Residents are able to respond well in a crisis. Contact us to discuss fortifying your property’s safety measures and be prepared for any eventualities. Your safety is our utmost priority.

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Expertise & Experience

Our team comprises professionals with vast experience in handling emergencies and ensuring building safety. Their expertise guarantees swift, effective, and informed responses.

Comprehensive Approach

From preemptive planning to post-emergency restoration, we offer a holistic approach, ensuring all bases are covered.


At the heart of our services is our commitment to stakeholders. We prioritize your safety, investment, and peace of mind above all else.


Reliant Construction Management has engaged projects on 83 separate developments consisting of over 4650 units, earning a reputation as a leader in the field of project and construction management. Tell us more about your project.